Sylvia Braesel:

"Photos of a diplomatic life between Europe and East Asia: Carl von Waeber (1841-1910)"

44,90 €

ISBN: 978-3-9823348-0-6

Published: Erfurt 2021

Language: German

Hardcover Book, 212 pages

About the book

This book tells the odyssey of the family of the diplomat Carl von Waeber (1841–1910) in the service of the Russian Empire in the 19th and 20th centuries between East Asia – especially Korea – and East- and Western Europe in photos and text. This promises a vivid conveying of history and at the same time a little bit of entertaining suspense.

The widely split family saga is the result of ten years of meticulous research in various countries and - on the basis of previously unpublished pictorial testimonies and documents from the unknown estate (property/ copyright Sylvia Braesel) - describes periods of life of Carl von Waeber and his diplomatic work.   The "life journey" leads from Baltic regions of the Russian Empire via East Asia to Radebeul in Saxony.

The Baltic-German Carl von Waeber, who was a friend of Korea, has earned lasting merits as a committed diplomat, cultural mediator, geographer, and art collector. In particular, the Waeber-Komura-Agreement can be described as a "diplomatic masterpiece". It gave Korea a "respite" in the process of colonization of the Korean Peninsula by Japan.

It should be noted that before my publications (in 2015, in 2018 and now as a book in 2021), there were no photos anywhere in the world of Carl von Waeber worldwide.  This circumstance probably led to the fact that in books (published in 2013 and in 2020) and in the fundus of an exhibition since 2020 forged photos were presented by a scientist.

My annotated photo book "Photos of a diplomatic life between Europe and East Asia: Carl von Waeber (1841-1910)" is intended to tell history in stories and stimulate a dialogue beyond borders and limitations. This corresponds to the legacy of the East Asian specialist and humble personality of Carl von Waeber.

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